Why Artist Should Embrace Who They Are

August 4, 2016 0

by Charlotte Gomes 08-04-2016 Having lived and worked with multiple artists, I now realize how difficult it is for them to find the right balance between their social life and their art. If you wake up in [MORE…]


July 28, 2016 0

  The greatest lesson I’ve learned over the years is that the essential key to success is Keeping Your Word. by Charlotte Gomes If you’re an entrepreneur or an artist and you’re working with a [MORE…]

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!

April 1, 2016 0

    Editorial By Nolan Aljaddou  What Are the Poetic Goals of Rock And Roll? Everyone has heard the phrase “sex, drugs, and rock and roll”, but does that really encapsulate the associated sentiments with this musical [MORE…]

#FBF: Virgin Megastore

February 26, 2016 0

Remember when you’d walk into a store and buy music? Record stores still exist but they are far and in between. One of the best back in the day though was Virgin Megastore. It was [MORE…]

Interview with One One 7 Jason Davis

February 8, 2016 0

Brian Carrillo – Publisher Coming Up Magazine Coming Up Magazine is very excited to introduce our very first  feature story/interview with someone we feel has lived the ultimate “Come Up” life.  It is not only [MORE…]

How to Write The Worlds’ Greatest Song

November 16, 2015 0

By Nolan Aljaddou Ever want the basics of one of the greatest art forms of self-expression, songwriting, to become illuminated as clear as day? Well, here’s one way of looking at it: The Quintessential Songwriting Method [MORE…]

Garbage As the Band That Won’t Die

November 12, 2015 0

By Nolan Aljaddou Few people are as eternally indebted to Shirley Manson, Scotch-crimson-haired lead songstress of the synthetic rock, and producer-helmed, band Garbage, as I am.  She cooed me in my youth with her extraordinary persona [MORE…]

Michael Jackson As the Hyper-Rock Star

November 7, 2015 0

By Nolan Aljaddou Many wouldn’t think of the self-proclaimed “King of Pop” as anything more than a vestigial pop sideshow act in his latter days, but the truth of the matter is he represented a subtle, [MORE…]

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