Chelsea Perkins: You’re Busy

October 30, 2015 0

An opened Baby-Sitters Club book is beside me and the other room is filled with chatter about the unjust thoughts about being a black father; a documentary my boyfriend is helping a friend out with. [MORE…]

Building Baby’s Brain: The Role of Music

October 29, 2015 0

Building Baby’s Brain: The Role of Music by Diane Bales, Ph.D. “Researchers believe that musical training actually creates new pathways in the brain.” Music has a powerful effect on our emotions. Parents know that a [MORE…]

Fresh on Froth

October 29, 2015 0

By Matt Matasci It is always a leap of faith when a band makes the decision to dramatically alter their existing sound. Making this transition after releasing only one LP yields an especially mixed bag of [MORE…]

Static Fiction: All In

October 27, 2015 0

When I was in middle school my bridge between pop and punk was Good Charlotte. They were shoveled down my adolescent throat thanks to MTV and all these years later they’re first two records sit [MORE…]

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