#FBF: The Knitting Factory

January 29, 2016 0

We’ve got another new series for you this year on top of venues, neighborhoods and hip hoppers. #FBF is going to take a look back at something musical in Southern California, be it a concert, [MORE…]

Shot in the Dark is Jamming Hard

January 28, 2016 1

By Sean Stroh While the 2003 film School of Rock remains one of my personal favorites, I never thought I’d see a real life example (or at least a good sounding one) of what Jack [MORE…]

Coming Up’s Hip Hop Corner

January 22, 2016 0

When you live in the birthplace of gangster rap, it’s hard to sit and ignore it for so long. A few years back now I was working for a guy who cared more about money [MORE…]


January 21, 2016 0

After hours of laptop trouble, I was able to pen this review on a worrisome Sunday night. If you can imagine a blogger’s worst nightmare – it’s computer trouble. Never knowing when the laptop would [MORE…]

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