Venue Spotlight: Chain Reaction

April 29, 2016 0

T-shirts cover the walls like posters once did in my teenage bedroom. Bands you’ve most definitely heard of, some you couldn’t recall with a thousand hits. Those are the names that decorate these tees. Yeah, [MORE…]

Zealyn Prepares for Summer Release

April 27, 2016 0

Evolving is half the battle when it comes to being alive, and surviving is the other half. Those who never change can’t grow as people, and the same can and will be said right now [MORE…]

Wood Lake: Hell

April 26, 2016 0

Weren’t we just up north in our last Out of Town Tuesday feature? I feel like we were, but nevertheless we have Wood Lake and their album that just dropped last week, Hell. Listening it [MORE…]

Music Monday: It’s Gonna Be May

April 25, 2016 0

April had everything from New York’s Frankie Cosmos to punk legends NOFX to Grammy nominated James Gay and winner Kirk Franklin. Now the month is winding down and May is approaching. Like the rest of [MORE…]

Coming Up Music Discovery and News April 25th 2016

April 24, 2016 0

  Globelamp Release New Music Video Globelamp released this past week an amazing and sparkling new music video  “‘Controversial/Confrontational’ produced by Elva Lexa. Seductress, Poet, Singer and point person for Globelamp,  Elizabeth Fey delivers smooth psychedelic tunes [MORE…]

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