Roxie Jane: “No Place”

It was the end of the ‘90s and boy bands were all the rage. Hey, put a group of cute guys in front of a 12-year-old girl and – swoon. Then all of a sudden this girl named Britney Spears came into the picture. While she’s had a huge number of downs over the years, one can’t deny that her first two records were pop gold. While Britney is no longer the chart topper she once was, a Southern California native is looking to pick up where she left off. Now, Roxie Jane is less bubblegum and more modern pop than Spears ever was when she started out, but closing my eyes – Jane possesses some vocal similarities in her latest “No Place” that couldn’t be ignored.

With a look that screams ‘80s rocker but a voice that demands attention in there here and now, Roxie Jane has this vintage meets modern way and she’s working it to her advantage. Her previous singles “Don’t You Know” and “Let Him Catch You” have seen great success and she’s aiming to do the same with “No Place.” Her video for the single is simplistic, which really allows her voice to act as the star of the whole clip. Roxie Jane just spent the month of October over in the UK and Ireland and has made her way back home and is now working on making “No Place” just as known as her last singles. Join her on her rise to the top of the pop charts now!

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