Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!



Editorial By Nolan Aljaddou

 What Are the Poetic Goals of Rock And Roll?

Everyone has heard the phrase “sex, drugs, and rock and roll”, but does that really encapsulate the associated sentiments with this musical genre? Let us scratch a little deeper than the surface to find out what rock and roll is really about.their-wedding-naked-review-300x300


Rock seems to spring out of a desire to live out the undying fantasy of immortality. Isn’t that the goal of every great rock star after all; to leave a legacy of liveliness that even ultimate transcends their real-life personas? The goals of rock stem from a desire to be young and beautiful forever, and it is arguable that the crystalline medium of infinitely re-creatable music serves as this fountain of eternity. So, rather than being a preoccupation of the form of rock and roll, it is quite the reverse: music is not celebrating the eternal, it is the means of sealing the eternal with every vibrational means possible, by reemphasizing that which is worthy of continued attention.



What really defines, “cool”? It is to be so detached from everyone and everything else that you are on an untouchable pedestal of your own making. The chief characterization of this state of immateriality is “dis-concern”, and indeed, all the savage, vandalistic rebelliousness of the genre may be thoroughly typified as a complete casting off of the garment of social responsibility to come to a greater awareness, through the senses, of what really is important in life.


The principal preoccupation of rock stars, beyond promoting themselves to no end, is to celebrate the state of noteworthiness itself; or that which brings fame and all that it entails: limitless indulgence in life. Drugs are simply a metaphor for the high which accompanies “having it all”. Sex is a side-effect. The real goal is to be eternally “with it”, not to accumulate any particular thing, but to be in a perpetual state of accumulation and needlessness itself.

Youth, dis-concern, fame. In the end, it’s really about preserving that fame. After all, if nobody heard about you, where would you be in the world – let alone the world of rock, the most rigorously selective of historical cliques that could ever exist. The goal of every great rock star, and every star in general, is to manifest that which makes them a star to begin with – the “it” factor is indescribable because it is the indescribable; the self-propagating manifestation of noteworthiness itself, and nothing else. And that takes a certain quirkiness. And after all, have any truly great rock stars been all-around well-rounded and stable individuals? It is practically a disqualifying factor and a demerit criteria if they were to be.Die-Antwoord-Ugly-Boy-Promo

“Live fast, die young” – hopefully not too young; but then again they never die. They have to establish themselves as inimitable legends first, before they can enter into that greatly sought-after, but rarely achieved, realm of the deathless; in fact, rock and roll may be nothing less than the only true portal to immortality, and, in the end, that’s what it is really about.

Publishers Note: Coming Up Magazine does not condone irresponsible Sex, Drugs or Rock and Roll, but if you are going to do it, do it responsibly well!

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