Lin Doak as Little Ozzy

It’s not every day Coming Up Magazine is contacted by a real Rock Star and asked to feature their music. Oh sure we feature some extremely talented up and coming bands and artist here, but our own fame has not quite reached  the level of KISS, or Willy Nelson, or the likes of Johnny Cash, at least not until now.

Very recently, we came across a super amazing performer who, while not Kiss’s Gene Simmons or Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne, he has been performing as both and making some really big super rock star waves – he was even  featured on National Television along side Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne earlier this year.

Meet Lin Doak – AKA Little Ozzy

At just shy of 4″8′, life hasn’t always been easy for Lin Doak. He still lives in the town where he grew up, just a block away from the middle school, where, at times – kids were cruel….and even though his stature hasn’t changed from those days – he has grown professionally. Lin started his musical journey at the age of 6 years old at the teaching of his grandmother, Jackie Fenderson, who has performed for Elizabeth Taylor and taught actor Blair Underwood modeling as a child. She taught Lin music from her piano and had him performing in childrens theater most of his Childhood.

little ozzy 2

Lin fronts his own national touring tribute band Little Ozzy. Little Ozzy performs accurate Ozzy/Black Sabbath live shows. According to Howard Stern in a brief sentence at the show, “Little Ozzy embodies his idol in such a way it will leave you with an eerie feeling that you were in his presence. This self proclaimed Pint Sized Prince of Darkness is serious in spirit, talent and authenticity”.

Lin is a former MiniKISS member who left the band after 4 years of touring the USA to create a little person fronted 100% LIVE band! In May 2012, Lin performed as his alter-ego Little Ozzy in front of 14 million people on America’s Got Talent. Lin never auditioned for the show. The producers were searching specifically for a pint-sized, Ozzy impersonator and his picture popped up on a Google search. Ozzy’s wife, Sharon, obviously got a kick out of it.

Little Ozzy

Lin adds “Sharon was like, ‘Oh no, another Ozzy – and a little one.’ She kind of turned her head and she warmed up quick”. However, both Howard Stern & Howie Madel hit their buzzers pretty quick. Still, Lin didn’t mind – he knew going in, he wasn’t there to compete. Lin says “They’re looking for a million dollar act. I knew that any Ozzy tribute band is not a million dollar act. I knew I wasn’t going any further”.

Lin and his band have been booked at clubs all over the country, and on many nights he plays to a packed house. Little-people impersonators have become all the rage in recent years. Aside from his Ozzy tribute, Lin has also performed as Johnny Cash Jr., Wee-Willy Nelson, and also he was in the pilot episode for a L.A. based reality show called Little Rockers, and made an appearance on Tattoo Nightmares.

Lin is clearly riding the wave, yet understands there’s a fine line between people laughing with him – and those laughing at him. And he readily admits there are times, when it hurts. He adds “Yeah, today – if I walk through the mall, I’ll hear things. ‘Look – a midget.’ Things like that, you know”. Still – Lin has managed to turn what “some” might consider a curse into a blessing and he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Lin adds “Being little has allowed me to travel this entire country. It’s allowed me to share the stage with foreigner, Peter Frampton. You meet rocks stars I grew up liking and it doesn’t stop – it’s just success, after success, and it’s growing”. Little Ozzy has headlined several House Of Blues throughout the US, The Fillmore, entertained at Def Leppard and Journeys private end of tour party, has shared the stage with Queensryche,Tesla, Foreigner, Jackyl, Kix, Peter Frampton. Little Ozzy has been featured in The Horse Magazine and has appeared in Rolling Stone, E Hollywood, TV Guide and Revolver Mag.

Lin is much more than a little person. He can sing lead vocals, play guitar, bass , and drums well enough to play with anyone!


We think it’s pretty cool to be talented and even cooler to be cool. The fact that Lin Doak is an amazing person with an incredible charm and soul, and that he was nice enough to reach out to us let’s us know that the music world is still a very amazing place – even for us smaller guys (Music Magazines).

Now check out this video and visit his website


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