Hollywood Heartache: From Fan Art to Pop Rock

The natural progression for a teeny bopper (at least in my case and many I know) is obsessing over a boy band, and then hitting puberty and heading for something with a little more than synchronized dancing. For me it was Backstreet Boys to Good Charlotte and today it’s One Direction to bands like 5 Seconds of Summer and Hollywood Heartache. You’ve heard quite a bit about 1D and 5SOS over the past year or so, but it’s safe to say that Hollywood Heartache is not too far behind.

Like many acts these days, these guys blew up online and it wasn’t too long after that they were packing local venues with fans who were eager to get a selfie with their favorite dude in Hollywood Heartache were their reality. Now they’re gearing up for a handful of dates come December from Brisbane to Sydney. Those interested can check out all the dates here, but first – continue reading to find out where all the fan art they get goes, what they think of their 5SOS comparisons and more.

Kendra: Being as young as you all are, are your parents still like – well, this music thing is great, but make sure your homework and whatnot is all done?

Kevin Kojima: I think overall our parents trust us to make mature decisions. They have been nothing but supportive and without them we wouldn’t be where we are now. They understand that we have pretty much one chance at this to give it our all and we have to take it while we can.

Kendra: You haven’t been a band too long, about a year or so now. What made you guys want to start and when did it start to feel real?

Kevin: I think it’s safe to say we all started this particular band because we wanted the same things. We had all come from different musical backgrounds and other bands/projects previously and it was great to finally find like minded people. I think we knew we had something good going after we released our first single “Sarah Says.” Things kinda went viral, and out of hand. Our Twitter exploded literally and we gained 10,000+ fans in just a few months. We played a local show a few months after that and had 40+ kids lining up outside the venue waiting for us to sign things and get pictures which for a new band was incredible.

Kendra: You’re already getting comparisons to another Aussie pop rock band, 5 Seconds of Summer, but you don’t seem to mind. What about their career are you guys taking notes about to ensure Hollywood Heartache continues to grow?

Kevin: 5SOS are a great inspiration to us as they have defied the odds and broken out of the local scene to become one of the biggest bands in the world. They have accomplished so much in such a little space of time and that’s truly incredible.

Kendra: One thing I’m sure you both deal with is some pretty intense fans. Any crazy stories so far, or have your fans been pretty cool?

Kevin: Overall our fans have been awesome to us and we couldn’t be more thankful. It’s so thoughtful when they do or say things to light up your day such as telling you how much they enjoyed a song or how your music changed their life. A couple of fans even bothered to send us a pinata with heaps of candy inside along with a 20 minute video they had made themselves about our band and music which was so cool!

PS: We ate all the candy. Woops.

Kendra: Speaking of, you have an address for fan art. If you can, could you share a couple pieces you’ve liked?

Kevin: We actually have a wall in our recording studio dedicated to fan artwork that’s slowly growing.

If fans like, they can send artwork and gifts to:

Kendra: Now you guys just dropped your debut EP, Eager Hearts, at the end of October. How has the response been so far and what was the most surprising thing you learned while recording?

Kevin: So far it’s been absolutely incredible! Being our first release, we weren’t really sure what to expect and if people would like it. By the end of the writing process we had heard the songs so many times ourselves that we didn’t know what was good or not anymore and we hated everything we had written. Probably the most surprising thing we learned was that four people with completely different ideas can come together to create something amazing.

Kendra: Come next month you’ll be hitting the road. What is a Hollywood Heartache show like?

Kevin: Expect an energetic, fun filled performance with heaps of bad jokes and poorly planned banter. Come for the mad pizza hangs after the show and heaps of selfies for all!

Kendra: When do you think you’ll be heading to the US for shows?

Kevin: The US has always been on our bucket list and of course every successful band ends up there someday. So hopefully if things really kick off we could be heading there as soon as end of next year? Who knows really, many surprises await us I’m sure.

Kendra: You’re a new band, but are there any other new pop rock bands you’ve been listening to lately that you want to shout out really quick?

Kevin: An awesome band which we have been following for a while would be At Sunset. They have just started to really kick it off signing to Warner with TV appearances on Sunrise and Nickelodeon’s Slimefest. They also scored a support slot for The Vamps Sydney show next year which is absolutely massive for them. Certainly worth a listen and go check them out!

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