Rare Monk: “California”

Photo: Tucker Leverton

One of the most beautiful places in California has to be Santa Barbara. The college there in a nonstop party, but keggers aside, the little downtown area is more rural than metropolitan; comforting if you will. That and the picturesque coastline is what came to mind when Rare Monk’sCalifornia” started to play. That laid back, but vibrant sound captured that city’s essence wonderfully – so much so I’d think it was solely about that one place on that map instead of the entire state. Nevertheless, this Portland band wrote the Golden State a new anthem, or at least a strong contender.

It’d take a lot for Rare Monk’s “California” to replace “Hotel California” or even for someone my age, Phantom Planet’s – oh you know the one. Remember The O.C.? Yeah, that theme song that was basically one of the starring track of a ‘00 mixtape. Anyways, Rare Monk’s “California” is more on that level though, only less striking. However, it does a great job of blending alternative rock with a hipster chic pinch of indie charm. Fans of We Are Scientists would oblige and be smitten with this one – that’s a fact. As would the relaxed but always ready for the next rager students of UC Santa Barbara. Hey Rare Monk – book a show there, stat.

Check out Rare Monk’sCalifornia,” out now.

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