The Rebel Light: “Strangers”

A couple of year’s ago I was introduced to The Rebel Light via their self-titled record. Then they reminded me of Oceanics – only a bit more serious. Now I think they’ve lightened up a bit as we’re reconnecting with their latest single, “Strangers.”

Sounding like a party down on the Venice Boardwalk, you can see the transients mingling with the passerbys, the tourists and the skaters as this mid-tempo dance party plays in the background with a sense of romance. Of course romance down the California coastal way; laid back, not too abrupt and above everything – easygoing. I mean, who could resist a line as simple as, “…pretty California smile?” It’s fun, flirtatious and in a way captures this state in a nutshell. Not sure they meant to, but what they hell, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and run with it.

This trio have their hands steady on the indie market, but with “Strangers” they throw it way back. Young adults of today and their parents, and maybe even grandparents would appreciate their style. It’s what happens when a trio of dudes really dig the sounds of the ’60s and bring them into the modern era. Fans of Oceanics and Modern Rivals, bands of that indie nature, should get in tune with The Rebel Light and in this case – it’s okay to talk (and listen) to “Strangers.” And if you’re in the LA area, keep an eye out for them and their local shows.

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