Smoke Season Looks to Let “Loose” On West Coast Run

Photo Credit: Scott Fleishman, Wes Marsala

Fighting a food coma, I waddled into the bedroom to relay an important message to all of you. Three years ago the stars were aligned, LA traffic was likely jammed and Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen decided to start something anew. That something was Smoke Season their number one interest, other than whiskey, was creating music that touch the soul with electronic waves. It’s safe to say they did just that with their EP, Hot Coals Cold Souls, but that’s not all they have up their sleeves. Oh no, they’ll soon be releasing a new single, will say some thanks and then be out on the road for a west coast run another LA duo, The Peach Kings.

As the cornbread and baked beans continue to fight me into a deep sleep, I fight back and move forward because I have more to say. Smoke Season has been a critic’s dream to review ever since they dropped their EP, but as with any artist – the proof really lays with their live performances. Music Connection once said of one of their shows that they “quickly grasped the audience and didn’t let go until its final punch.” That’s what fans heading out to see them alongside The Peach Kings can expect when their tour kicks off a little ways away from home in San Diego on November 29. Their hometown fans won’t have to wait too long as they’ll be back at The Satellite right when December starts. They’ll head all over the west coast until they reach their final destination in Salt Lake City.

Keep an ear out for “Loose” and catch Smoke Season on tour with The Peach Kings starting November 29.

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