Dignitary: The Tautology

The ‘80s had a lot of things, one of them being the rise in goth in the mainstream. Bands like The Cure and Depeche Mode made black clothing a mainstay and spoke to those who saw the world in an alternative way. It seems like that’s the route Los Angeles’ Dignitary was studying from when they decided to form and make music together. Their latest album, The Tautology, fittingly dropped right around Halloween and now it’s time to make it a gift for a different holiday.

If you or someone you know are once upon a time goth kid who still like to take a walk down that road musically, then this is the perfect band. Borrowing elements from The Cure, “Destiny’s Fasle Turn” is both light and melancholy at the same time. Then you can hear a turn of events when a rockabilly twang can be heard in “Dark Circles,” but the moment you think that’s all this song is, the femininity of the other set of vocals give it heightened sense of elegance. Then as the EP rolls on “Demon Beside Me” and “Deathstar” sound more like fraternal twins than anything else; similar groundwork but enough differences to tell them apart.

Overall this record is for those who love to mix the light with the dark and play around in the grey areas of life. That’s the world Dignitary has created thanks to the foundation bands from the ‘80s laid out for them to follow and the results can be found on The Tautology, out now.

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