The Ying and Yang of Hard Rock Punk – the dramedy

By Sean Stroh

Upon first listening, the dramedy sound at the very least like a three piece set.

They are loud. They are powerful. They are confident.

They also have just two band members.

While the music produced by the talented duo of David Davids (guitar/vocals) and Abby Vester (drums) is undoubtedly based in punk-rock, their sound could best be described as a concoction of a few different genres such as alternative-rock and grunge.1428191579_877546965624399_509968804594565037_n

According to Davids, the band touches on the full scope of the human experience. Despite being huge fans of hard punk-rock, the group is also inspired by the emotional performances of wide range of artists throughout the decades.

“Strength can go in other directions, not just typical chest-beating, beat-somebody-up type of thing, but also in forms of showing sadness and passion” Dave says.

The band’s name stems from a play on the words “Comedy” and “Drama.”

“When you go hang out with your friends, when you talk to them people will say some kind of story, and one person will think it’s funny and another person might think it’s sad. So that’s pretty much how life works,” Dave says. “At least that’s how I see it. One person’s comedy can be one person’s drama and vice versa.”

Originally formed in Los Angeles last year, the dramedy recently released their double A-side single cassette with their songs “Not The Only One” and “Ring For Two.”

The band’s decision to feature “Not the Only One” as one of two singles on their debut release becomes quite clear within the first ten seconds of the song. With a crafty and catchy opening riff by Davids, the track also benefits from clever guitar-playing and seamless transitions. On their second single, “Ring For Two”, the dramedy picks up the tempo, offering listeners some speedy guitar work as well as a generous serving of some powerful, explosive drumwork from Vester.

What the Dramedy lacks in recorded material, they make up for with their musicianship, most notably their ability to sound like a group much larger than they really are.

Catch the dramedy at the Music Space AnnexNovember 28th @ 8:30pm

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