Paul Conrad’s California Style Down Under

One look and I would’ve guessed, and did think for a while, that Paul Conrad was a California guy. His long blonde hair mirrored my brother and his friends’ in the late ’80s and early ’90s. His style, more like that of a Vans’ catalogue than a musician. Then, when I realized this wasn’t an add for some Lords of Dogtown remake, but rather an artist – I took more interest. Now that I knew Conrad could sing, I had to then learn that he wasn’t from the Golden State at all, but rather a more picturesque place known as Australia.

Now onto why we decided to share him with you Coming Up readers today; his music. His sound is like if you took ‘60s pop and tossed in a dash of The Strokes and a hint of Red Hot Chili Peppers, but then placed it all in a coffee shop setting. Both “Thanks for Nothing” and “Heresy Baby” have that retro pop feel, but at the same time could be likened to something a little trippy. With “California” he gets a little alternative, but not as much as with “Records” where he steps it up musically and takes chances I didn’t quite hear with the others.

Those who find Chet Faker and Imogen Heap in their own collections already would be wise to add Paul Conrad’s music to the mix. He’s climbing the ranks in Australia and will soon do the same world wide.

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