The Hummingbirds: “Out Of The Rain”

With winter hitting the eastern states and and making it’s way west, it was only fitting that we focus on not the snow but the rain that comes with the months ahead. Although we’re thirsty for some h2o in Southern California, I thought that The Hummingbirds’ “Out Of The Rain” would be perfection for the start of December. Especially since it also acts like an early holiday gift that’s full of delight.

With a sound that sits somewhere between The Turtles and modern day singers like The Lumineers, The Hummingbirds find the balance between nostalgic notes and modern melodies. With just one song in my hands, I know that their Facebook was well deserving of a like. Their debut EP dropped not too long ago on November 6, and their full length is due out in a few, with a plan to release it this coming March. People who find themselves going on and on about The Beatles but haven’t quite realized that new bands are making the most out of that great sound in today’s world can check out The Hummingbirds. They’ll be playing Barfly in their native UK on December 8, and we here hope they make plans to come stateside with the release of that LP in the new year.

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