Cat Daiquiri: Cat Daiquiri

Today we’re shouting out the Windy City with a review of their own Cat Daiquiri. A trio that came together just shy of two years ago. After a visit to a tiki bar, these three started making music together and come this past Halloween they dropped their debut, self-titled EP. As many songs as they have members, this record is an indie pop delight that would fare well at a beach kickback. Ironic since it was made far from the sand.

Cat Daiquiri opens with a slow rock song. “Ghosts #9” is pleasant on the ears, but doesn’t really grasp one as much as “Might Do” does. With that one, you could hear it as you walk past Hollister, or maybe even enter the dim den. Surrounded by a mound of folded polos, you’d hear this track playing loud and clear. It made me think back to the days when The O.C. was around, and how they always managed to make soundtracks full of music like this. Then, rounding out the few is my personal favorite, “Be Brave.” There was something a little lighter and just a little sweeter about this one that made me want to hit repeat and start all over again.

From the City of Angels to the home of the Cubs, we’re sending a Coming Up seal of approval to Cat Daiquiri and their EP. We’re looking forward to hearing more from them in the future. For now, we’ll keep spinning Cat Daiquiri with a smile.

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