VIDA Shine Like “Diamonds” in The OC

Every other week a band comes through my inbox from Los Angeles and I’m amazed at the talent, but it’s easy to find a musician just sitting outside in this city. Then in comes a note from a band not too far down the 5 and I’m absolutely blown away. If One Direction could play instruments – they’d be VIDA. Having only listened to that boy band a handful of times, and having seen them once thanks to a free ticket, I know they can sing a ballad. So when I first heard one note of this Orange County band’s “Tell Me,” I was like – let’s share this week the Coming Up fam.

VIDA is a band you’d hear alongside One Direction, The Weeknd and Selena Gomez on the likes of KIIS FM. Their sound is light rock with a pop feel. The real power being in Josh Cisneros’ vocal delivery. Every word sung, he makes you believe it. Which isn’t a surprise when you learn he’s been performing since the tender age of seven. Remember when you were that age – what were you doing? I was being a shy weirdo wishing Zack Morris was her boyfriend. Josh was focusing on his future as a performer and at just 15 he recorded his first record, come this year he took the leap and started a band; VIDA was born.

They just dropped their latest video for “Diamonds” and if you like your rock with an extra dose of heartfelt, enthralling pop – it’s for you. VIDA just played a show down in Santa Ana and have a couple more on their calendar. They will be in Tustin at The District on December 12, then at The Vault a week later on the 19th.

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