The REL “Before the Storm”

Electronic music has been around quite some time, but it shifted from raves out in the middle of nowhere with fans that wore parachute pants and sucked pacifiers to mainstream radio in the past few years thanks to artists like David Guetta and Skrillex. They started working with pop artists and making mash-ups between pop, rock and R&B and electronica the norm. That’s why I wasn’t surprised, but was definitely pleased to hear what was coming from REL’s way.

Residing somewhere in the grand landscape that is Los Angeles, she’s played everywhere from the now closed House of Blues (hurry and bring that back) to places like The Mint. Her sound is a mixture of R&B soul and modern electronic that makes for something quite interesting. It’s not out of left field, as we’ve heard what the likes of Rihanna sounds like when placed in the hands of a DJ. However, there’s something more to what REL is doing. She presents herself with more bones to her back, more thought to her lyrics.

She’s already been featured on MTV and that’s only just the beginning now that she has a new single out and about. “Before the Storm” has a chilled beat that lets you glide from start to finish. It’s sexy, cool and fresh – which is exactly what you want if you’re in the mood for something new today. Check out what else REL has going on and keep an eye out. We’re about to hear a lot from this rising star come 2016.

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