Hammered Satin

Sexing Things Up

There is no real way to describe Hammered Satin except this way – Glammy, Sexy, Hairy and Glittery!

What ever your take is of the 80’s or of Glam Rock , Hammered Satin will make you want to take off your clothes and trash a hotel room with sex, drugs and good old glam rock and roll.

Their Story and Influences:

Glitter and Flash, Sniggin Piggin satin couture, alter egos, interplanetary space-crafts, optical illusions, Friday nights at The Vine Bar in Hollywood and Lady Starlight’s English Disco in New York, Chemin de Fer jeans and mirrored sunglasses, tennis dates, feather boas, thunder and lightning shows, dapper dandyism, astral projections, witty repartee, dancing all night in platform snakeskin boots, The Rainbow Room at Biba, rhinestone palm trees and geckos, Packard-driving 30’s gangsters, and inherent star quality.

“LA’s most buzzed-about 70’s glam rockers, Hammered Satin, recently hit NYC’s Bowery Electric for their first east coast tour. Celebrating the release of the band’s debut EP, lead singer Noah Wallace channeled the ghost of Bowie’s Mick Ronson, with his platinum shaggy hair and flamboyant sequined jackets.This outrageous Hollywood showman kept onlookers at attention with his unique voice and theatrical onstage antics.”
– Paper Magazine

“Hammered Satin live @ Arken i Parken video Hammered Satin – ‘Foxy dude’ live @ Arken i Parken, Sweden, August 13th 2011 Brilliant gig! Tyrolen is such a great place for concerts and festivals. A real gem in the middle of the Småland forrests.”

“While our Mexican food, basketball and weed, among other things, is second to none, back in September we learned glam rock is simply not L.A.’s forte. But based on these photos from Hammered Satin’s show at Crazy Girls last week, it seems we had a major breakthrough on the dirty glittery rock and roll front.The self-described “gorgeous, glamy, crunchy, arty, fashiony rock and roll band you can dance to” celebrated the release of their EP on Thursday night, and to ensure the inner glitter goddess was awakened in all who came out, a go-to establishment like Crazy Girls was the obvious venue choice for the occasion. Yes, stripper poles, lucite platforms, feathers and boobs were the perfect complement to Hammered Satin’s electric set on the dancers’ platform. But the night was more than just a fierce performance for this town. It taught us something about ourselves and embodied the ethos of the generation: Yes we can, L.A. We CAN do glam rock. See for yourself…”
– Emily Green, Guest of a Guest LA (Jan 31, 2011)

“On a cold December night in Manhattan, “the band from LA” was all the talk as everyone was flocking to another Kelle Calco night at the Bowery Electric. A bunch of cool bands played on the bill then finally, Hammered Satin hit the stage. A California tanned front man, Noah Wallace, blinded our eyes with the flare of his glitter attire. The way he acted and talked was like a movie star diva strutting in front of photographers on a red carpet. ”
– Trip Loon, the Dead Notes

“The Sunset Strip is synonymous with Rock, but that doesn’t mean that every place on The Strip, in fact, rocks. Some, obviously, have grandfathered themselves into it; based on their longevity and history, Viper Room or Whiskey-A-Go-Go could host the Justin Bieber Pajama Sleepover and still come out with cred intact. But for most places, this cred must still be earned and tested on a regular basis. So I’ve come up with a checklist to analyze whether or not Trousdale’s “Rock Tuesday” with Hammered Satin last night actually rocked. Let’s see if we can figure it out.”
– Alex Gilman, Guest of A Guest LA

“Glitter och glamour och en musikalisk tillbakablick till 70-talets glamrock kunde höras och upplevas under onsdagskvällen när Hammered Satin från Los Angeles gästade Växjö. ”
– Klas Lundgren, SMP.SE (Aug 19, 2011)


Hammered Satin is pure Rock, Funny, Inspiring and will definitely make you long for the 80’s.

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