Deep Sea Diver: It’s Christmas Time

Seattle’s Deep Sea Diver just couldn’t wait to share new music with their fans that they decided to drop a record just in the spirit of the holidays. Their indie pop take on these classics on It’s Christmas Time will hopefully put you in the mood for this time of year and also get you amped for their upcoming release in the new year.

Have Yourself A Merry Christmas” is a song we’ve all heard a million and one times. This one isn’t rocked out or given too much of a makeover. Still nice and slow, it’s modernized with a lighter vocal and an indie touch. With “The First Noel,” it sounds like something you’d hear shopping in Macy’s trying to search out for the bargains so you don’t have to spend too much. By the time “It’s Christmas Time (and I am still alive)” rolled around, I wasn’t very merry. This wasn’t the best of the bunch but maybe I’m just being the Grinch. With that, I will say my smile was brought out again with “O Holy Night.” This is always such a vulnerable song and I felt like what they did hear was transport it back to the ‘50s just a bit. It had this old school feel to it that made me think of the scene in The Sandlot when the fireworks are going off; striking.

All in all, if you’re an indie music fan who also happens to love the hell out of Christmas music – then guess what? Deep Sea Diver has delivered on both ends for you. It’s a cute record, well produced and well delivered and it surely showcased the artistry that fans both new and old will be able to find on their new record, Secrets, out February 19, 2016, and they’ll be at The Echo in LA just two days prior to that. But before all that, you can check out It’s Christmas Time, out now.

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