Lady Low Is Aiming for the Top

A band on two continents so far, Lady Low’s Jimmy Sweet is a man with songs flowing through his veins. We’ll find out more on that note later, but for now I want to let you know that this “rock romance” group out of LA just played their last show of the year, but we can’t be sad. They have to take some time to prepare for a release that’s not too far out from the New Year. Now let’s get to know more about Lady Low thanks to their own Mr. Sweet.

Kendra: After a trip to London you headed back to LA and started this band. What happened overseas that made you go – I have to start this, it’s now or never?

Jimmy: I actually started a band back in London and when I got back to LA something was missing. I’ve got to always be in a band no matter what. It’s my oxygen I guess?

Kendra: When it came to the concept for the “Burning Like a Fever” video, did you come to Simon Cardoza with a plan or did you let him take it all on?

Jimmy: Well the video concept was a mixture of vocalist/drummer Eden Lee and Simon together. Once you put Eden in front of a camera things tend to happen

Kendra: If you had to draw a picture of “romance rock” in a game of Pictionary, what would you draw? Even better if you drew it out and sent it along.


Kendra: Having guitars and drums, that’s not uncommon but what made you want to round out the sound with Kaitlin on violin and Mia on the viola?

Jimmy: I’ve always been a sucker for strings. They just make me feel happy and sad at the same time and that’s what I want our music to portray.

Kendra: You’re the only dude in the group. Did you grow up around all women to prepare you for working in a group surrounded by them?

Jimmy: I feel like I just got the best musicians I know in LA and made the band happen. Girls or not, this band can play some sweet beautiful songs.

Kendra: Back to the music. What can people expect when they come out and see a Lady Low show?

Jimmy: Well a live kick ass string section to start and we definitely have fun. We don’t take ourselves too serious. We have a blast up onstage and it leaks into the crowd.

Kendra: You just had a show down at The Satellite. How’d that go and do you guys have any plans for residencies or just more shows coming up?

Jimmy: It was a blast! We love that venue. It was our last show of 2015, but we have our debut album out in February for a Valentine’s release and will have a run of shows leading up to that.

Kendra: You played shows left and right around LA this year with a lot of other up and coming artist in this city do you think should be on our readers’ radars?

Jimmy: Deluka are a band we’ve played shows with since we started. They are from Birmingham, UK and live in Los Angeles. Definitely need to check them out.

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