Armors: Collisions

Orange County is home to an array of notable acts that span from the mainstream ska sounds of No Doubt to the rock of Young the Giant. It’s clear that there is either something in the water there, or they’ve gotten magic from Disneyland. Either way, we’re here to introduce you to another to add to the growing list; Armors. A rock band that could as easily please a KROQ crowd as they could one who listens to KIIS ensures one thing – they can make a crowd move. At least that’s what they’re doing with their latest, Collisions.

When an indie band takes an alternative left and then picks up some pop hitchhiking along the way – you end with Armors. “Aubrey” is just that and you can hear in an instant why that single was blowing up in 2015. An earworm for sure, it was just the beginning as I continued to listen on. When you have tracks like “Catastrophic” that could land you on tour with Imagine Dragons, another like “Old House” that’d get a We Are Scientist’s” crowd going and another like “Parasite” that’d most definitely fill the air in an arena with Nick Jonas – it’s hard to really pinpoint where this band truly belongs. With that, there is only one answer – in the hands of people who don’t like to close off their musical taste and are as broad as could be in their own collections.

Armors is a band that could fare well in pop and in rock and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It just means more ears on them and more eyes when they partake in a KROQ Locals Only show on January 2 at the Constellation Room alongside Dark Waves and Kid Cadaver. Now what you need to do it check out Collisions so you’re ready to go for the show come the New Year!

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