The Vultures’ Night Rocking Blues

For years I’ve ran my own music site and have contributed to a number of others but this year I’ve had the pleasure of joining two amazing teams, one of them being Coming Up and with that I’ve come across some pretty talented local, Southern California artists but I’ve also discovered that there is so much talent going on down in Australia. Seriously, I think The Vultures are the like 153rd artist I’ve talked to from there this year – okay that’s a bit of exaggeration but now enough about the insane amount of talent coming up from down under, let’s get to more from all of The Vultures.

Kendra: I’ve interviewed more bands from Australia this year than all my past years combined. What’s going on down there right now that everyone and their mom seems to be turning towards music?

Joe MacPhail: I think recently many of the artists on the local scene have been inspired by a lot of the awesome music coming from Australian artists like Tame Impala and Courtney Barnett. It’s been really awesome seeing how well Australian music has been received internationally lately so I think that has a lot to do with it.

Kendra: You guys look pretty young, what or who got you into that blues rock sound?

Liam Bowditch: We’ve all grown up listening to music. My dad got me listening to anything from the ‘50s Elvis tunes to the ‘90s Oasis albums! I think when we stumbled across the Blues it really resonated with us, with the heavy groove and soulful musicality that we try to blend into our Night Rock!

Kendra: With two EPs in the past couple of years, why didn’t you drop one this year?

Jay Varudo: Well this has been a pretty full on year with tours and gigs especially in the first half of the year, and we weren’t really ready to release anything.

Kendra: Instead you released a single back in May. When you recorded “Walkholme City,” what’d did you hope people walked away with after listening to it?

Liam: I hope that people take away that no matter where things go in your life, there’s always a way through it. I had a few things happen to me at the start of the year that inspired me to write the track. “Walkholme City” is that place that you linger and over- think in, the sort of thing that keeps you up at night. I hope people keep on strutting…even when the song’s over!

Kendra: Obviously it’s one of your guys favorite songs of the year, but what other songs made the list?

Liam: There have been some great releases this year! We’re really into Kendrick Lamar’s latest album with “Wesley’s Theory,” Australia’s own Tame Impala with “The Less I Know the Better” and even the new Bring Me the Horizon album

Kendra: Being that you’re pretty far from the rest of the world. How do you guys manage touring in Australia? Do you find yourself playing the same places on repeat or is there more down there than we think?

Jay: Well this year we did an Australian east coast tour, which involved some crazy long drives. I think the scene in Australia is pretty cool. Melbourne and Sydney know how to party! Being from the Gold Coast/Brisbane scene we do play a lot of the same venues but there are some sweet little spots around the area.

Kendra: What’s the game plan to tour over in the states in the near future?

Jay: We want to tour the states we’ve definitely got a few ideas, but we’re just sorting out a few things to help us get there and have some good material for you guys to hear. I think we’re all keen to do a big circuit of a few of your music capitals.

Kendra: Speaking of plans, what’s going on with more new tunes from you – can we expect a new album in the new year?

Joe: Well I can’t dish out too much information…but you can definitely expect to hear new music from us in 2016! That’s all I can really say about that right now!

Kendra: You may be new to some of our readers. With that, what up and coming artists have you currently found yourself listening to more and more lately?

Joe: Some of our favorite artists that we’ve met through the scene would have to include Brisbane’s Electric Suede, Pretty City from Melbourne, Timber Bones from the East Coast and the awesome Gavin Doniger from the Gold Coast. There’s so much awesome music out there in the local scene that people everywhere should definitely go out and get amongst!

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