the After Hours are Redefining Rock and Roll

The Afters Hours are Hotter than Summer in Chatsworth

Back Beat

Formed in November 2010, The After Hours (then known as The Electric Starfish) hit the scene with a brand new flavor. Inspired by the sights and sounds of swinging London, the mod scene, West Coast psychedelia and the original British Invasion, the band sends its audience into a time warp to a far-out world of bright colors and big sounds wrapped in lush harmony and the true spirit of rock & roll.

What Big Daddy Says:

“Expect to be shaken, a little rattled, and a lot rock and rolled when you catch up with these young chaps from Los Angeles. The After Hours are the hottest thing coming out of the Valley since Richie Valens. These guys are so unbelievably talented you will be screaming and wetting your pants like a teenager! Great stage presence and tons of music mojo!

Absolutely loved these fine cats from their groovy hats down to their 60’s styled spats”!

Big Daddy Funk – Coming Up Magazine

What Other People are Saying:

“The After Hours took liberties with a wide range of genres as a means of making a sound of their own…The music has a unique voice, incorporating vintage and avant-garde in a today’s direction.”

– Sugarbuzz Magazine

“An astounding recording, filled with big hooks, big heart, and passion. The band take their cues from 60’s golden era of rock and put their own unique spin on a winning formula.”

– All Access Magazine

“A little swing, a bit of rock ‘n’ roll, a lot of chutzpah. ”

– IndieMusicology

“Shaken, Not Stirred” captures the essence of 60′s music. The songs are wonderfully written, and demonstrate a remarkable ability to integrate all of their influences into one cohesive and coherent sound. This is a must-have album. I will be getting 2, as I am certain I will be playing 1 of them into oblivion.”

– I Can’t Believe My Earz

“They’ve got classic pop harmonies reminiscent of lazy afternoons by the river Mersey, jangly psychedelic guitars,
and infectious melodies that will have you dancing and clapping and humming along, all the more remarkable when you
realize that they’re all in their early 20’s! Who could want anything more?”

– David Bash, Founder of International Pop Overthrow

“This five-piece band out of San Fernando Valley is a throwback to the early British Invasion in both sound and look. Their matching black suits and skinny black ties play perfectly with their extremely Beatles-esque and early Kinks harmonies and arrangements…Their stage presence combined with their spot on harmonies is quintessential early 1960s Brit Sound.”

Ryan Wilkins: Vocals
Bruce Matis: Guitar
Michael Mosbeck: Guitar
Masa Nishimura: Bass
Paul Niedzwiecki: Drums

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