Captiva: Captiva

Photo Credit: Bo Flores Photography, LLC.

Even though they call Kansas City, MO home, I want to extend my hand to welcome Captiva to the Southern California family all due to their self-titled debut. With a laid back rock feel that could garner them a tour with either 311 or Jason Mraz, this music is for those whose favorite word is “chill.”

With a kind of trop-rock feel, “Road To Ruin” was my first taste into this record and I was quite surprised when the rest didn’t follow suit. With that, you could also hear a little touch of the ‘80s in it as I continued on to “Stimulating Freeze.” This one felt like a completely different band. While the first one would satisfy a KROQ crowd, this one would make waves in the middle of the day on KIIS. Then came a balance of the rock and the smooth singer-songwriter vibe in “Chemicals.” Last up, “Sometimes” gave me the most realness. The lyrics were straight to the point and made me feel like it would be a part of a soundtrack for the Venice Beach area. You could hear it on the boulevard as the artists sell their goods and the skaters cruised up and down.

They may be miles away from California and the sunshine, but one wouldn’t know based on the music coming from Captiva on their debut EP. A mixture of rock and mainstream that comes together in this alternative take on pop music. With that, if you’re a fan of pop music that strays from the norm and has a rock base, check out Captiva, out now.

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