Music Monday: Shows to Kick Off 2016

Are you back to normal yet? This is probably one of the hardest parts of any year – starting it. We’re all trying to get back to our routines after vacations and a lack of responsibilities to take care of, but we’re all getting to it and getting it done, and that includes taking some time to enjoy some live music. So here are a handful of shows to start your 2016 off right!

Puddles Pity Party at The Roxy on 1/5

puddles pity partyIf clowns make up 90% of your nightmares, hell – even .2% then this isn’t the show for you. But if you like bands are who are completely out of left field, then this is definitely a show for you. A clown that towers over the crowd and has a voice that’s booming? Interesting.

Steel Panther at The Fonda on 1/7

steel pantherThey went from the Key Club to the House of Blues Sunset and with both of those now being a thing of the past, this flashback to the ‘80s had to find a new home. You can catch them now at The Fonda and don’t be surprised if you see a cascade of famous faces in the crowd and joining them onstage.

City Waves at AmplyFi on 1/8

city wavesWe got some hometown love for City Waves this week. They’ll be headlining this little gem of a venue. Check them out if you’re into music that sounds like it came from the garage of a kid who lived by the beach.

Patti Smith at The Wiltern on 1/8-9

Patti_Smith_performing_in_Finland,_2007Punk would not be the same without her. She is one of the genre’s staples and she’s playing not one, but two nights in LA. To top that she’ll be giving fans her infamous Horses album front to back each night.

Infinite at Microsoft Theater on 1/10

infiniteK Pop isn’t just a type of music, it’s a culture all on its own. People who like it are emerged and that’s why we are sure this show will be bonkers in Downtown!

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