VIDA: New Year, New Plans for Domination

Last year I put over 1,400 articles/blogs/blurbs out into the world. Most of those were music based and there aren’t a lot of artists I can remember from that pile. That’s what makes VIDA different. I will never forget the first time I pressed play and heard “Diamonds” and that’s why I knew they were the band I had to start 2016 off with. They’re one of the best Orange County has to offer right now and trust, by 2017 – they’ll have everyone under their pop rock spell. Now let’s get to what they had to say about shows, Super Bowls and more!

Kendra: You played all over the place in Anaheim this past December, places I’d never heard of. How are you landing all these gigs, and how have the crowds been responding?

Gustin: So far we have been booking our shows independently and with the help of friends. The crowds have been very receptive to our sound and style. No one is afraid to dance and everyone has a good time.

Kendra: With such a fresh rock meets pop sound I have no doubt that you’ll be on the radio soon; I’d put money on it. Is that the next major goal, if not – what’s your say first New Year’s Resolution for the band?

Fransisco: Oh, so you’re a gambler, huh? Let’s hope the odds are in both our favors! haha.
Radio play is definitely something we are pushing for in the new year along with playing out of state more often. It’s definitely a band resolution.

Kendra: Josh, you started performing at seven. Thanks to YouTube and Ellen, we know there are a lot of talented kids out there, but what made you feel you wanted to perform at such a young age?

Josh: When i was young I would have the vivid, recurring dream of performing in a stadium full of people. It was never a question in my mind whether or not music was something I should pursue, I feel it is my purpose.

Kendra: Were you parents all about it, or did it take some convincing?

Josh: Thankfully my parents have been all about it. They see my musical aspirations as a gift and really encourage me to keep pursuing my dream.

Kendra: Switching gears a bit, one of your influences growing up and I’m sure still today is Coldplay. We all know they’re playing the big Super Bowl Halftime show in February. If you had that gig, what special guests would you bring out?

VIDA: If we had a super bowl gig, every one of us would love to have a special guest.

Dave: Sir Paul McCartney because Paul McCartney.

Francisco: Matt Healy, he’s a mad scientist of music.

Josh: Ryan Tedder because he’s my main creative influence.

Jerry: Jared Leto because he is an inspiration.

Gustin: Travis Barker, he is one of my all time favorite drummers.

Kendra: You may not be on stage at the Super Bowl, yet, but you will be playing NAMM at the end of January. Any big plans for that performance?

Dave: We’ve got a few things up our sleeve that have been in the works for a while but we don’t believe in spoilers so you’re gonna have to catch us live on the 23rd!

Kendra: You play a lot around Orange County, do you ever get up to LA or down to San Diego?

Dave: Over the past couple months we’ve done quite a few showcases in LA. We’re planning to break into San Diego in the new year.

Kendra: What can fans expect in the coming months from VIDA that you can share?

Josh: We’ve got plenty too share in the new year, from new singles and music video to the release of our first EP. We’re very excited too what this new year has in store.

Kendra: Orange County has had some of the best artists come out of it from No Doubt to Sublime. Are there any new bands you’re into from around there that you’d like to shout out?

VIDA: We’ve shared the stage with quite a few awesome bands in the OC area. The three that have stuck out to us are Bird & The War, Flying Hand and Nylon Waves.

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