Venue Spotlight: Troubadour

Sitting at the edge of West Hollywood with one of the iconic Beverly Hills signs staring at it, is the Troubadour. Opening its doors almost six decades ago, this venue is one of the best in LA. That’s why it was a personal choice to showcase it first in this new series. For the rest of the year we’ll be shining a little light on each great place to see live music around the Southern California area. Anyways, back to the Troubadour.

Walking in you’ll see a bar adorned with trinkets from their past; posters and gold records from bands that have played there over the years from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Incubus. Hell, even the Sir Elton John and Ringo Starr have been on that stage. It’s an intimate venue that screams historical landmark and for that – it’s fantastic.

Contact Info:

Address: 9081 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone Number: (310) 276-1158
Website: Troubadour

A Favorite Troubadour Memory

Before my best friend could drive, we did have to rely on the bus once in awhile. We were new to the city and confused. The Troubadour was one of the first we ever went to on public transit. It was Reggie and The Full Effect, but that wasn’t my favorite show there. Looking back through the years, I’d have to say seeing Taking Back Sunday acoustic was amazing, and of course The Higher (RIP great Vegas band), and of course there was their recent Good Charlotte show. While all of those were great, I’d have to go with Fall Out Boy. It was the last time I think I genuinely enjoyed one of their shows, but looking back – I think it was only my favorite because of the stupidity that went in before it. We (like 10 or so? maybe less than that) slept outside the night before to assure we’d be in front and oh…my…god, it was cold. East coasters reading this, we can’t handle anything below 60 degrees, but I swear it was like arctic weather out there that night. Anyways, the show was awesome but it’s always those pre-show happenings that really make the show memorable. So yes, Fall Out Boy wins my Troubadour memory.

Upcoming Shows:

1/13 Bryan Lazar
1/14 Beware of Safety
1/15 Marianas Trench
1/16 Zane Carney
1/19 Half Moon Run
1/26 Granger Smith
1/27 Greyson Chance
1/28 G. Love & Special Sauce
1/29 Harriet

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