A Toi Meshen” Release their Official Video: “Phony People

After releasing it’s 10 track, thirty-seven minute record last October, Punk Rock Rap band a toi me’SHen has now delivered a powerful music video that’s as interesting to watch as it is to listen to.

a toi me’SHen   first video “Phony People”, a song taken off their self titled album reflects the reasons of what and who are using us, playing with us for their own personal gain and amusement!! Making us a toi me’SHen

a toi me’SHen (pronounced A Toy Machine) based out of Orange County, California, is a unique blend of amazing talent featuring 3 lead vocalists from a wide range of various styles and backgrounds. The band includes influences ranging from rock, metal, hip-hop, pop, alternative, electronic and many more; in which contributes to a unique style and approach to modern music.

a toi me’SHen operates under the philosophy in which reflects directly through its name a toi me’SHen and the definition behind each word in the name. Hence the phonetic spelling for A Toy Machine. TOY – To be treated with less than due respect by another; to be toyed with for ones amusement. MACHINE – A group of collective parts or individuals each serving their own purpose or function joined together to operate as a machine; a group of organized and powerful men (The Government).



Tony Lanza – Vox

Daynon Lato – Vox/Guitar 

Scott Pitcock – Guitar/Back-Up Vox 

Doug Miller – Bassist

Jake Fight – Drums/Vox

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