Escaping with Korbee

Every day we come across dozens of people who won’t matter the next. We pass them by and never learn a name, a thing about them. Then there are those days when you cross paths with that one person who is going to change the course of your life, write a new chapter in your memoir, be an instant friend. That’s what happened with Tom and Jenn came together and formed Korbee. Once strangers, then friends. Now these two are musical partners with more talent than they know what to do with. Now let’s get to know more about these two and their run in with a ‘90s gem, Idol connections and more.

Kendra: Your latest single, “Show Me The Way,” has a pretty intense cover. It’s got this tribal, going to war vibe. Which one of you would fare best in a battle?

Tom: I would, unless it involved math…

Jenn: I hope I never have to find out. We are a pretty good team.

Korbee - Show Me The Way Photos - Duo Medium Battle - Final
Kendra: Fighting aside, when you guys came together – what was your initial reaction to one another’s talents and skills?

Korbee: We’ve always been in awe of each other’s talents. From day one, that’s what brought us together. It was a mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s artistry, passion and hard work.

Kendra: So Korbee spawned from a project with Daniel Jones of Savage Garden, were you fans of that band growing up and did you ever get to sing one of their signature hits with him while you were just hanging around?

Korbee: Of course we were Savage Garden fans! It’s funny how the world works and where different paths lead you. Ours just happened to lead us to Australia, and then back to LA and a wonderful friendship grew out of it. We didn’t really sing too many Savage Garden songs with Daniel when we worked. Most of our time was focused on writing and recording our music as that trio although we definitely made some funny references from time to time.

Kendra: Coming from a show like American Idol, do you ever think about where your career would be if you’d gone all the way?

Jenn: Sure – but I believe everything happens for a reason and that wasn’t the path that I was supposed to take. If anything, that experience reinforced my desire to continue to write my own material and forge the treacherous road of an artist. I have lived through all kinds of things and I feel an obligation to express these experiences in our songs so that people can identify with their own struggles, joys, and life, and hopefully be changed for the better.

Kendra: Reality aside, style is such a great blend. Did each of you bring a different element to the overall sound?

Korbee: Yes! We both come from somewhat different musical backgrounds that blend themselves together quite well. Tom grew up listening to jazz, rock, and standards. Jenn grew up singing camp songs and church music with her father. We both love a well crafted song; something that takes us on a journey and leaves us somehow different from when we began. Melody is key. We always agree that the SONG comes first. Then once we have that, we can adapt it however we choose.

Kendra: Having been compared to Lady Antebellum and Coldplay, where do you think you fit into the musical spectrum?

Korbee: We are often compared to those artists because we write anthemic, emotionally charged songs that challenge the listener to action. We write music that you want to sing along to. To us, music is an interactive experience.

Kendra: You dropped your record, Great Escape, last year. Being LA based, where in this grand city would you say is the best place to really get away and escape?

Korbee: We have a secret beach up in Malibu that we go to as often as possible. We can’t tell you exactly where because then it wouldn’t be a secret…but hint: it’s north of Zuma.

Kendra: Will 2016 bring some new music into the realm from you guys, or will you be focusing on touring this year?

Korbee: NEW MUSIC! We are bursting at the seams with some new songs that we cannot wait to release. We’ve been focusing very hard on the production for these songs with some incredibly talented producers and artists. Touring is definitely happening as well. We can’t spill the beans just yet, but we’ve got something insanely cool brewing.

Kendra: With that, are there any fellow SoCal bands coming up that you’re listening to right now that you’d like to show some love?

Korbee: Sure – our friend Will Champlin has some really great tunes going on right now. Also keep an eye out for Drew Cole. He’s got a really cool vibe that any Justin Timberlake fans will dig.

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