Sofia Wolfson: Hunker Down

Hitting “Like” on someone’s Facebook takes some sort of dedication. At least that’s how we’re conditioned to feel in today’s world. With that, I put on Sofia Wolfson’s Hunker Down, and while it wasn’t an instant like-connection, as it played – I knew I had to go and recognize this LA artist on a personal level instead of just jotting down my thoughts on her music elsewhere. Still in high school, this is only her debut…so I’m interested to see what else this Los Angeles County High School of the Arts student who pulls from a band everyone considers the best, as well as modern marvels like Jake Bugg. Now let’s get to it.


Opening with an old school sound chalked full of soul, “Hello Operator” creates this somber tone, and while “Second Chance” is brighter in the music department, the vocals still paint a sullen face on the singer. There’s a maturity in her demeanor, but “Older and Changing” definitely showcases something someone her age would pen. It had a quirk to it, but then you get a little country feel from “Ruby” and some folk thanks to “Tiger’s Eye.” Now, all of these were good songs, but none of them had me wanting more or less from the younger singer. It wasn’t until the cool pace of “Everlane” and the insanely enchanting lyrics of “Head in the Future” did my ears smile. If I had to recommend any song on this album, it’d be those last two; hands down.

Sometimes your heart dives into a whole record, and sometimes all it takes is a couple of songs to make you want any and everything else from an artist. My mind has been made up, but let your heart decide what it wants and listen to Sofia Wolfson’s debut, Hunker Down, out now.

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