Merival: Lovers

Photo Credit: Anna Horvath.
Photo Credit: Anna Horvath.

From New York with Porches last week to Canada this time around with Merival. She’s a singer-songwriter from up north who is about to drop her EP, Lovers. It’s a handful of songs that take you from quirky and cute to lost in a dream to seeing reality. All written before she hit the tender age of 20, this record explores the ins and outs of the mentality of a young woman experiencing the highs and lows of love and life.

Lead single, “A Better Deal” comes through in a cute and simple way. Often times reminding me of when Jewel came onto the scene, way before her music was used in women’s razor commercials. The simplicity of Merival’s storytelling makes her music feel more universal than if it was all about deciphering some deep meaning of her worlds. Then like a minstrel, her pacing won me over with “Alay Alas,” while the realistic dreams in her current single, “Kicking You Out,” took the record from a spirited to a more serious place with that one being followed by the hazy ways of “Dream of Yourself” before ending with “Calendar.” The album started off in one place and over the course of only five songs evolved and matured.

Merival sings in a way that’s very pure. There’s no magic in what she’s doing, just a natural ability brought to you by her own voice. That’s to be respected and celebrated as she prepares for the release of Lovers on January 29. If you’re a fan of early Lisa Loeb and Sofia Wolfson, check out this Toronto based artist now.

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