L.A. Witch Conjuring Up Hot New Single “Drive Your Car 7”

by M0006343955_10att Matasci

The title of L.A. Witch’s latest single may conjure up images of a lighthearted Beatles track from 1965, but that is where the similarities begin and end. Instead, these three ladies from Los Angeles specialize in reverb-heavy rock music built on dark melodic passages, bolstered by haunting instrumental atmospherics and vocal harmonies. There is hardly a more fitting description for L.A. Witch’s sound than the one they put on their Facebook and Bandcamp pages: “REVERB-SOAKED PUNKED-OUT ROCK.”

“Drive Your Car” is available on the Drive Your Car 7” that is available from Ruined Vibes / Black Mass Recordings on February 12.

Slowly but surely, vocalist Sade Sanchez, bassist Irita Pai and drummer Ellie English have gained a strong following in the crowded Los Angeles garage-punk scene, and the strength of “Drive Your Car” promises a bright future for a trio that has yet to release a full-length album. The opening riff shows why one of the keys to creating memorable rock music is often to avoid over thinking things. Consisting of a single note that is ever so slowly and subtly bent upwards, the riff is an ideal lead-in for the rapidly shifting verse chords. Sanchez sings in a rough, distant drawl that takes a back seat to the chord changes of verse and the rapid-fire energy of the chorus. The result of this restraint is a moody but ultimately memorable piece of rock ‘n roll music.


It only seems appropriate that L.A. Witch would go out on tour with a similarly named (and similarly awesome) group like All Them Witches. Catch both bands on tour across the West Coast this month!

L.A. Witch live dates:

Jan 21 – Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA *

Jan 22 – The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA *

Jan 23 – The Casbah, San Diego, CA *

Jan 25 – The Continental Room, Fullerton, CA *

Jan 26 – The Rebel Lounge, Phoenix, AZ *

Mar 18 – Trees & Club Dada, Dallas, TX

Mar 19 – Spillover Music Fest, Dallas, TX

May 05 – Vega, Lincoln, NE


*- w/ All Them Witches

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