Celebrate Mother’s Day with Feeding People’s Big Mother Video

Feeding People's Big Mother Music Video

Celebrate your Mother’s day with this brassy tribute to bad ass mom’s everywhere. The Big Mother of all Happy Mother’s Day Videos

Feeding People’s “Big Mother” opens with a fat blast of patented, juiced-up Alterna-Rock Guitar Tone, the sort you used to hear on the lead singles from grunge outfits once they cleaned up and signed with major labels. 20-year-old Jessie Jones, meanwhile, has a big brassy, baby-Nancy-Wilson howl of a voice that promises slick pro-rock thrills. But the song is messy and wild and short, flaring out before two minutes’ time and fishtailing through a last-minute sped-up sprint to its premature finish line. It’s a ear-pricking calling card for their upcoming Island Universe, which was produced by Jonny Bell of Crystal Antlers and Hanni El Khatib.



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