Shot in the Dark is Jamming Hard

By Sean Stroh

While the 2003 film School of Rock remains one of my personal favorites, I never thought I’d sSITD-Logoee a real life example (or at least a good sounding one) of what Jack Black was able to create in that movie.

Then I came across Shot in the Dark.

Originally formed in 2013 at West Coast Rock School in Corona, a rock academy for musicians of all ages and skill levels, Shot in the Dark could best be described as a concoction of screamo, metal and some good old hard rock.

All four members of the band fall between the age of 14 to 18.

Despite already being just as or even more seasoned than many musicians twice their age, the band has noticed a reoccurring theme at its shows.

“Pretty much at every show we’ve done there’s been someone who comes up to us and says how they didn’t take us seriously when we walked out on stage but that once we started playing that all changed,” said lead guitarist Austin Schmidt, who is now in college. “Luckily our shows have run pretty smooth for the past few years. I think the worst thing to happen at one of our shows was that my wireless system went out in the middle of the first song of our set and I had to change to a chord so I missed about half of the song.”

Schmidt, along with lead vocalist Jacob Chabot, bassist Tana “Spike” Snyder and drummer Jarod DeShong, have performed everywhere from Vans Warped Tour to House of Blues in Anaheim.

Shortly after forming, the band headed straight to the recording studio where they pumped out a five song EP called Memories. A little under two years later, Shot in the Dark is on the verge of releasing a follow up of original material.

“Our new EP is a lot heavier than the first one. The first one is a lot more rock based and this one has a lot more hardcore and metal-core elements,” Schmidt said. “We actually are done recording it and are just waiting for it to be mixed. We’ve been getting some of the mixes back and they sound awesome!”


The band will play Clash City Station in Riverside on Saturday, February 6 at 4:30 p.m. and Malone’s Bar & Grill in Santa Ana on Saturday, February 13 at 4 p.m.

Shot in the Dark’s debut EP can be purchased on its website .

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