#FBF: The Knitting Factory

We’ve got another new series for you this year on top of venues, neighborhoods and hip hoppers. #FBF is going to take a look back at something musical in Southern California, be it a concert, an artist or like today a venue that’s been gone for some time. Not to be confused with our Venue Spotlight series, #FBF is just kicking off with a beloved venue because it’s not only a personal landmark in my mind but a missed piece of the Hollywood Blvd puzzle; The Knitting Factory.

After heading off to college, my friends/roommates were bored one night and decided to actually get out of the dorms. We landed, like most new people to LA, at right in the heart of tourist land aka Hollywood Blvd. We ventured down the street, looking at the stars and being freaked out by the characters taking pictures with unsuspecting folks and landed at The Knitting Factory. Luckily a really good band was playing and tickets were like a penny compared to the insane prices they are now. Self Against City was my first show there and some year later Hit The Lights was my last. In between I’d have to say Paramore was the best show I’d got to see I’m that little hole in the wall. Now that band can pack an arena.


Speaking of, one time I remember the Jonas Brothers booking a show there. They were already big enough to play anywhere else in this city but for some reason decided on an intimate setting in an odd place. Why not the Troubadour? Anyways, it wasn’t at their highest point in their careers but still, they were a group of three dudes girls were nuts about, so you can imagine that line and the chaotic state it was in. That poor staff.

They closed The Knitting Factory back in YEAR with talks of building again in Downtown. We’ve yet to rekindle our love of one another. So of anyone reading this has ties to that building plan, please get on it – we miss that tiny gem.

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