Frankie Cosmos Gets “Sinister”

Photo Credit: Matthew James-Wilson

After signing to Bayonet Records last year, Greta Kline’s musical persona Frankie Cosmos has been putting the final touches on her upcoming record. Next Thing will be heading into the world come April Fool’s Day but before it drops, Frankie’s putting out a little taste by way of “Sinister.” A song that sounds like something Diablo Cody would attach herself to while working on something that she hoped would pop off as much as Juno once did, it has an indie quirk to it. The lines are clear and the message is even more crystal. You aren’t surprised when you find out she comes from the hipster scene of New York City.

If “Sinister” is any indication of what’s to come from Frankie Cosmos’ Bayonet release, we can’t wait to hear what songs like “If I Had A Dog” and “Outside With The Cities” shape up to sound like when Next Thing drops April 1. Her 2014 release, Zentropy, was a critic’s dream come true so not only are her fans waiting in the wings for new music, but the critics are too. They’ll want to see how much she’s progressed since her last. She worked over some old and wrote the other half from square one, so it’s going to definitely have this new meets signature sound overall.

Frankie Cosmos’ Next Thing is out April 1.

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