Crown Jwlz Just Can’t Wait to Be King

Growing up with a love of musical theater, the little girl who grew up to be Crown Jwlz always knew that she had a song in her heart. However, being a writer and her love of punk shows, music she now admits drove her parental units bonkers, made her see music in a different way. She soon fell in love with the idea of writing her own music and performing. Now instead of a song in her heart, it’s all over the place – even on her sleeve as she rocks a Clash tattoo that reads, “hearing that noise was my first ever feeling.”

She’s a punk rock girl who found a balance between a love of rock and a pop sound that’s apparent on her upcoming album, California King. She worked with a variety of talented individuals that span genres, even Max Coane. He worked with Jack’s Mannequin back in the day, and now he’s one of the handful of people who helped make Crown Jwlz’s new one pop and well, rock. Now we’ll get to more from this singer who is putting her best foot forward in music and proving that she’s all about that girl power.

Kendra: Blending rock and pop is nothing new, but it can be a hint that the artist has two sides to them. Would you say you have a rock and roll side and a pop side, and that they come out at different times, or do they always just come together in harmony?

Crown Jwlz: I definitely have both sides in how I write and it happens pretty harmoniously but also I pull inspiration from so many different genres as I think most artists do. But anyone who knows me knows I was a punk rocker teen who grew up into a rock singer, so rock has always definitely been the core of how I write, what I do, and who I am.

Kendra: With a record coming out soon, what made you go with “Without U” as the lead single?

Crown Jwlz: It’s got a raw energy that I think really shows who I am as a writer, rocker, and performer. And I think it’s a song a lot of people can relate to.

Kendra: You dropped a video for it just in time for the holidays, how much artistic say did you have in what went on at the shoot?

Crown Jwlz: My music director Nick Annis and I were 100% collaborative in every decision from location to style to edits for this video. He’s an amazing musician as well as music director and has a wealth of knowledge about this stuff so I’m very lucky to be working with him. He was really instrumental in getting this together and making it happen… I definitely would not have been able to do it without him. We were both extremely happy with the results!

Kendra: Is there a video you loved growing up that you had in mind when you went into shoot, like – yeah, that’s how I want to rock it out?

Crown Jwlz: We took inspiration from the AOL sessions that used to be really popular. We thought that format was really cool and we went for that style.

CJ_ON_THRONE Press 1Kendra: “Without U” will be on California King, which is dropping in early 2016. I love the message behind that, that not only men can be king. What powerful women are your muses when it comes to music and performing?

Crown Jwlz: Most definitely Joan Jett…she just is the definition of rock. I absolutely adore Emily Haines from Metric…her writing and her melodic lines are incredible. I have always been inspired by Gwen Stefani and her ability to wear her heart on her sleeve in her songwriting and her fierce stage presence. Etta James’ voice to me is one of the most incredible things one can ever be lucky enough to hear. And Aretha Franklin is a true force to be reckoned with….her talent is boundless.

Kendra: Speaking of some girl power, there are rumors the Spice Girls may be doing something for their 20th anniversary. Would you be excited for that tour, or would you be okay skipping it?

Crown Jwlz: Of course I would be there with bells on in an amazing Spice Girl inspired outfit! I’d say I am a combo of Posh and Sporty.

Kendra: You worked with people who helped out on an array of albums that span from rock to pop to hip hop. Do you think that helped made California King more well-rounded?

Crown Jwlz: Oh definitely for sure. Anytime you are lucky enough to work with an array of people as talented and versatile as I did you are going to make really cool things happen that maybe you wouldn’t have normally gone for if you hadn’t of had those people around with different viewpoints to challenge you. It just makes you a better artist.

Kendra: Will people be able to see you live when the album drops?

Crown Jwlz: Yes! I actually just headlined Viper room on January 20th. My next show will be the EP release at the end of February and the details are coming soon so everyone stay tuned and check out my Facebook and Instagram!

Kendra: Seeing how you’re all about female empowerment, are there any up and coming female artists that you are really digging right now that you’d like to shout out?

Crown Jwlz: There’s a group I’ve recently gotten really into that has two girls and two guys and they’re called My Crazy Girlfriend. Love their sound you guys should definitely check them out!

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