Lady Low: And They Say Romance Is Dead

Late last year we caught up with Jimmy Sweets of Lady Low and talked about everything from their latest video to what “romance rock” really means – well if life was a game of Pictionary. You can see what that’s all about here, and get a better picture of that when Lady Low’s new album And They Say Romance Is Dead drops.

Opening with what sounds like a hymn from a gospel church down south, “Goodnight My Love,” is like a warm breath on the back of the neck. It’s a little jarring at first, but welcoming once you figure out who it is. What is the easiest thing to note is that Sweets has found just the right women to join him when it comes to making music that blends seamlessly. Their vocals melt into one another throughout “When I Do Wrong,” but I will say I was more partial to the tracks where the feminine presence was a bit stronger; “Baby Blue” and “You Say You Don’t Love Me.” On top of the vocals, the use of strings in “(Bye Bye) Baby Don’t Go” and “You And I” add layers to the music, while songs like “All Time Low” and “Death Love Beauty Sound” bring a sense of dramatics.

With a sound that’s not quite as rock as one would think, but doesn’t have that bubbly feel of pop – this record has me thinking that maybe fans of bands like Imagine Dragons would be on board. Fans who don’t like cookie cutter, fans who like their groups as diverse as Oscar nominations should be. That’s the type of person who would be all over Lady Low and getting their hands on And They Say Romance Is Dead, out February 12.

Also make sure to check Lady Low out around LA this month. They’ll be at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s the 18th and Union the next night.

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