Eliza & The Delusionals: The Time Spent On The Inside

January was a busy month for Eliza & The Delusionals. A new EP was dropped, a tour was had and more fans were made as they hit up a handful of places around Australia spreading their pop meets alternative style with their latest, The Time Spent On The Inside. Eliza Klatt started this all only a year or so ago and now she’s deep in and we’re about to head in deeper.

Starting out with dessert, the sugary vocals of “Outside” are airy, but the lyrics help to give the song an all around depth. As “Killjoy” starts, we hear the transition to the sound that plays the rest of the EP; ‘90s alternative with a bit of pop tossed in. The composed energy of “Valentine” plays well, but for some reason “Safety” felt more like a risk not worth taking. What I think is notable with half of this EP is the balance the tracks have. You hear that in “Outside” with the light vocals but the darker undertones in the words that are escaping through the speakers, while again, “Valentine” has this lively feel but at the same time it doesn’t seem out of control.

Right now Eliza & The Delusionals is taking a little time to enjoy home after that last tour, but rest assured it won’t be long before the road is taken once more by Eliza and her crew. If you’re a fan of music that sounds like a throwback to when Liz Phair was just starting out and had more of an edge but it wasn’t as sharp as say Courtney Love’s, then check out Eliza & The Delusionals’ The Time Spent On The Inside, out now.

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