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Brian Carrillo – Publisher Coming Up Magazine

Coming Up Magazine is very excited to introduce our very first  feature story/interview with someone we feel has lived the ultimate “Come Up” life.  It is not only our goal to introduce our readers up and coming bands and musicians, but to, on occasion, present valuable insight into the music and entertainment business.  This will, of course, include stories and news features about amazing people who have lived a life that epitomizes success.  Jason Davis’s story and accomplishments are way too excessive to cover in one interview but we hope this short interview will not only inspire but encourage you to live and reach for your dreams.

Jason Davis has been an entertainment industry executive since 1999. His broad range of titles includes award-winning songwriter, award-winning author, A&R executive, entertainment consultant, executive TV producer and former Senior Vice President of Dolly Parton’s Management Company. He is the founder of multinational entertainment corporation One One 7, which owns the following media properties:

We chatted with Jason recently and talked to him about the music business and how failure played an important role in his is effort to find success, happiness and Gods will in his life.

I read in one of your earlier interviews about perseverance. You said that perseverance is the most important ingredient to success?

Perseverance is one of the most important aspects of business. I believe that the passion to sustain a career comes from finding the gifting in life that God gave you.

What about talent?

I think a God given talent is about 20% and 80% would be things like focus, drive, and work ethic.

Wouldn’t luck or timing be as important?

I don’t believe in luck, but I do think when you are aligned with God’s Will then you are aligned with His timing. Another big key to that is being patient.

What do you say to the musician or artist who leaves everything to chance?

Not an attitude that leads to success.

Let me push this idea – what about fate or divine influence? Do you feel there is a universal power or force that manipulates or directs some people to succeed and some to fail?

I think God gifts every human being with a special gift and it’s up to us to find that gift and develop it. I believe that is what determines success or failure.

Can you tell us what you mean by “successful” – how does one know if they are truly a “success”?

I would say that’s a two part answer. First success for me is finding the balance in God’s design. God is number one, my Wife is number two, loving others well is number three. Success is also learning to trust in God because when we trust in Him we are free to not worry about our-self and we are able to do what we are ultimately called to do which is love God and love others.

What would you say is more important – success or happiness?


Your personal story is one of success, particularly in the music and entertainment industry, yet it was not always easy for you,in fact, I read that at one point in your life, after you had reached a certain level of success, you lost everything. Is that something you would care to elaborate on?

That is one of the many things I talk about in my award winning book, “Your love pursues.”

Was failure or “loss” an important part of your eventual success?

A very important part. I have learned a lot more through my failures then I have through my successes.

Would you agree that to truly be successful and happy, you first have to experience or at least respect the importance of “failure”?

I think it’s important to embrace our failures because that is Gods training ground to help us become great.

As a writer or musician yourself, do you feel you have been able to channel that creative energy and turn it into something artistic and creative in the business world?

Yes, I think the creativity I have as a songwriter or author is the same creativity I use to cast vision within my company.

It seems some of the best songs and music over the year’s spring from sadness or separation, heck, some of the best writers since the beginning of time have come up from isolation and pain.Would you agree with that?

I would.

You wrote, “Setbacks can make or break us. Instead of running from adversity, we must figure out how to face – and even embrace – it. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world experienced such tremendous setbacks that they considered giving up and closing their doors.” What would you say to the artist or musician who just can’t seem to break through”” How does one maintain that desire to “Come Up” when all they seem to do is hit roadblocks?

That might be an issue with not being surrounded by the right team, but again if you’re in God’s Will and this is your God given passion it is something that you can’t not do.

Who would you say has helped you the most throughout your life and career?

I have to give all the credit to God, but on top of that there are so many people that have helped me tremendously over the years. It’s a very long list.

Is there anyone else currently in your business and personal life you would want to mention as being a key ingredient in your current success and happiness?

My wife Heather.

Our last thought or request is to ask you to speak to the numerous musicians and bands trying to make it big – what would you say to them if they asked you about creating music for the sake of the music or to become “huge” and universally popular?

I think you need to understand what makes songs universally popular, once you have that wisdom you should make music for the love of making music.




One One 7 is a multinational entertainment industry firm, working with a wide range of talent that is second to none. The company owns media properties in major motion pictures, television, music and book publishing.

For the past two decades, One One 7 has worked passionately to help artists worldwide land licensing deals, song placements, endorsements, booking agents, publishing and record deals. It has also helped artists secure roles in major motion pictures and on popular FOX, NBC, ABC and TLC television programs.

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