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By Sean Stroh

For the past two years, Horror In The Moonlight have been steadily gaining one of the more loyal fan bases throughout Southern California. A staple within the local pop-punk scene, Horror in the Moonlight initially began as a solo acoustic project for lead vocalist Joey Amor.

Eager to branch out and form a fully fledged band, Amor put together what is now a 5 piece lineup. Comprised of Amor, Nick Jones (guitar), Jacob Chabot (guitar), Jacob Hogan (bass) and Kevin Hooper (drums), Horror in the Moonlight recently released a five song EP last August entitled Young and Reckless.

Horror In The Moonlight will play with Man Overboard and Forever Came Calling on April 8 at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. Doors open at 6 p.m.

Coming Up Magazine talked to lead vocalist Joey Amor about why he left music for a brief period of time, the most challenging aspect of being in a band and the origins behind the group’s name.

How did you guys come up with the band name? 

It was mainly from watching so many horror movies–primarily zombie movies. It felt like every one word band name was taken, so I had to think a little bit harder. “Horror In The Moonlight” just felt right.
What is the typical schedule like for your band?

We usually practice during the week and then have shows on the weekends. As far as practices goes, we don’t have an end time. We like to stay focused until we just all feel done for the night. We’re all pretty laid back and that’s just the way we like to do it.

Where do you guys practice?

It’s a secret location.

You have mentioned in previous interviews that the biggest mistake you made was taking a break from music. Could you elaborate on that? Did you get a regular job? 

It wasn’t a break. I walked away from music. It was over. I had band members that didn’t care and were negative. It was really hard putting all your effort, time and money into something you loved. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I only sang at the time and didn’t play any instruments but have the effort to start something new or find other members.

Time went on and I focused on my girlfriend who I got engaged to but shit went downhill. Long story short, I decided to turn back to music to easy my pain. I learned how to play guitar, wrote a song and played it at an open mic. That’s what sparked it all to where we are now. It was a very emotional time.

The video is on YouTube. “The Girl Next Door.”

I’m happy where I am now. I don’t really look back unless I get asked. I don’t like it back there.

You guys seem to genuinely be in the moment and love what you’re doing when you’re on stage. Was it a struggle during your first few shows to get relaxed and find that balance of having the right amount of energy onstage?

Thanks! Yeah you got to shake it off. I still get anxious and nauseous but you learn a lot from each show. We just like to play hard and get lost in the moment. It all goes away as soon as you hit the stage. Being on stage is the best feeling in the world.

At this point, does it seem unnecessary or irrelevant to be signed to a label with the ability to record on your own now and promote yourselves on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook?

If you can do everything independently and get famous through YouTube or Facebook, props to you. We try not to worry about being signed to a label. We focus on music and booking everything ourselves at the moment. Just because you’re signed doesn’t mean that they will do all the work for you but a label can definitely help.
What would you say is the most challenging aspect about being in a band? 

Time. Everything requires time and money. We do it because we love it and if your heart is not in it, you shouldn’t be doing this.

Which SoCal venue do you feel is the most underrated or underappreciated and why? 

I would say Chain Reaction. It’s all ages and has so much history. It reminds me of my hometown venue The Showcase. It sucks that Riverside County shut it down. Chain Reaction has been very respectful to us and has been great to work with.







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