Nic Nassuet’s Rock’s Out in Hollyweird

When anyone mentions the goth culture, I can’t help but think of my middle school pal who went through all that. The black clothes, the makeup that spooked my mom’s friend, the music that was far from the Spice Girls she once loved. So when Nic Nassuet’s name came up and I read he was a Gothic Rocker, she came to mind. Then I listened to his 2015 debut and those thoughts changed. I expected to hear music that was like Bauhaus and Switchblade Symphony, instead there were minor hints of that scene.

Listening to the record, I found that vocally Nic was more along the lines of American Idol’s Chris Daughtry. With a rough exterior and grit to his voice, he could scare you but instead invites you in with his melodies heard in “Cross And Crown.” Musically, “Immured” was sending vibes that mirrored when those 80’s hair bands got sentimental and broke out a ballad. The only time things took any sort of a gothic turn for me was when bits and pieces of a feminine mystique was tossed into the mix to add a haunting factor. Would I recommend this music to my junior high friend, no but I would say it’s for those who like rock that’s hindering on adult contemporary. If that’s your scene, check out Eleutherios, out now.

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