Gavlyn: One of LA’s Finest

Photo Credit: nepveuxstudios

Like I mentioned last month, there was a year or so of my adult life where I was the assistant to a guy I grew to not like too much, but what that position gave me was not only an insight to the local rap community in LA, but also an appreciation for it. One of the best to come through when I that position was Gavlyn. Rapping since 2006, if her name is not on top of the Billboard charts soon – the music industry will be cheated. Her skills far surpass what currently spins in the mainstream and with her family at both Movement Organized Threat and Broken Complex, she’s been able to hit the road not only here in the states, but across the pond in the UK as well – numerous times.

She surrounds herself with talent. Her and her girl Blimes Brixton can be seen sharing the stage from time to time, but coming up she’ll be alongside Jarren Benton, Gremlin and Frank Castle at Los Globos on March 12. You can check her out there next and if you’re a fan of hip hop that’s legit and cannot quit but can’t make it out to the show – keeps tabs on her online to stay up to date with all she has coming through in the coming months.

Tickets for Gavlyn’s Los Globos show can be purchased here.

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