No Fiona Releases Dead Sons Ep

No, the photo above is not No Fiona, but we thought it looked cool and sort of matched the colorful and extremely creative music these young gents are playing.

No Fiona  just released an outstanding grunge pop EP called Dead Sons which we think puts the Yes back into their creative name, a band name that has something to do with Gaelic chicks and green Disney Characters.  We are still not 100% sure. 

No Fiona is a three piece experimental/post hardcore band based in San Andreas, California and formed out of boredom and sheer desire to rock. They spent most of 2015 playing a number of shows around the no fiona band 2central valley area and eventually recorded their debut EP “Dead Sons” at Chateau Walnut Studios.  Dillon Cunningham and Stephen “The Dream” Giusto started the group as a two piece but have recently acquired Kurt Walls (Paper Space) as their Secret weapon/Bassist.

Check out their unique sound, part experimental rock, part progressive garage grunge pop. We are totally digging them at Coming Up Magazine and believe you will too.

New Ep “Dead Sons” now avaliable through Way Grimace Records / Ronald Records

swampcore/slop prog

Dillon: Guitars and Vocals
Stephen: Drums and Vocals
Kurt: Bass and Vocals





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