Music Monday: Is It 1999?

Looking over the shows that are coming through town over the next seven days would’ve caused quite the chaos in my life if I was still 13. A Backstreet Boy playing solo, and my favorite at that, as well as the boy band that won Making the Band? Those throwbacks aren’t the only ones coming through though. Special shout out to country queen Jennifer Nettles at The Wiltern and rock gods Megadeth at the Palladium, but they weren’t the chosen ones – let’s get to those who are.

5. State Champs at The Roxy on 2/24

They went from opening up tour after tour to co-headlining with the likes of We Are The In Crowd. Now they’ve moved on and are heading out at the top dogs. Proving the pop punk scene is still alive and well, they’re making the Alternative Press Tour proud.

4. Carly Rae Jepsen at The Fonda on 2/25

She’s the one-hit wonder that will not quit and if you’ve listened to her latest album – you wouldn’t want her to. Pop jams people, pop jams!

3. O-Town at El Rey & Nick Carter at Saban on 2/25

The TRL watcher in me could not choose one over the other so you get both. It just so happens they’re on the same night to those who were teeny boppers back in the late 90’s will have a Sophie’s Choice moment this week. Nick Carter is trying his hand at flying solo, again…while O-Town is hoping to impress with one man down. I’m interested to see how they fare without Ashley Parker Angel.

Melanie Martinez at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on 2/26

She was phenomenal on The Voice and while she didn’t walk away the winner, she’s one of the only contestants you can likely still name from that show. Hey, let’s face it – those shows aren’t making Kelly Clarkson’s like they used to. Anyways, with a dark take on pop, this girl is a riot to see live.

The Real Birthday Bash at The Forum on 2/28

Don’t miss out on Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Fetty Wap, Meek Mills and many, many more as they all head out to celebrate one of LA’s newest radio station’s big night!

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