Carol Kay: The Canadian Songbird in Nashville

For the past week or so Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” has been in and out of my head. Which on one hand is fine because it’s a beautifully sung piece, but on the other hand – the lyrics, I don’t know them. So for the past week I’ve been mumbling, “Something, something, you are evergreen…” I’m glad to report that Carol Kay’sMost Beautiful Thing” may be taking it’s place. Not only because it’s just as romantic and sweet in nature, but because she actually has a lyric video to go along with it so I can be done with the mumbling and actually sing along.

A true singer-songwriter, Carol has the background to pen a track and has done so not only for herself but for others and her work has been on the likes of MTV, UFC and HBO – just to name a few. While he can write a hit, she can also carry a tune pretty far. Her voice is as natural and warm as a summer sunrise. In “Most Beautiful Thing,” you hear a hint of country in her delivery, but that may be an influence of her current surroundings. While born up north in Canada, she currently calls Nashville home. Going back to the lyric video, I would love this even if it was the official one. The hands jotting down the words showcases the art of songwriting and the emotion felt when those words come over an artist and they just have to get them down on paper. It’s a beautiful thing.

Fans of heartfelt country gals like the women of Little Big Town, should check out Carol Kay’s Kiss Me to the Moon EP, as well as her latest single “Most Beautiful Thing,” both out now and available on iTunes.

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