Golden Daze: Golden Daze

Photo Credit: Molly Garber

In the days past we’ve met a couple of vocalists that could carry a tune across the mojave without much effort. Today we have an psych-pop group that relies more on the musical strengths over anything else. Golden Daze’s self-titled record sums up the vibe of a hipster run neighborhood in LA with its diner ways and whispers odes to laid back, warm nights.

Because that’s where we start as the record opens up with the haunting good times of “Ghost” and comes in soft with “Never Comin’ Back.” It’s here I get a little frustrated. Personally when you have to say, “Huh?” to a song, that’s when I’m not a fan but then there are plenty of people out there who are unlike me who welcome a soft-sung melody. From the eerie “Attic” to one that plays like a movie shot in one of LA’s finest eateries, 101 Cafe. That’s what “Lean In” sounds like. If you’ve never been, it’s this restaurant attached to a hotel that sits close to one of LA’s busiest highways. The atmosphere tells a story all on its own as travelers, young lovers and artsy types come in and out of the barely lit place at all hours. The song captures that essence, that life that’s a little mysterious but all the more intriguing. All in all the album as a chilled day with a little excitement towards the end thanks to “Sleepin’ in the Sun” and a sassy “Me Llamo.”

A little too quiet for those who like some punch with their music, but perfection for those who have found their way to another LA band, Blade of Grass. If your iTunes or rather Spoitfy is constructed of bands that take a psychedelic approach to pop, then Golden Daze is waiting for you and out now.

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