Who & The Fucks: Porous

Sometimes things don’t always go the way you think. That’s a simple statement that applies to everything whether it be weekend plans or an album that you’re reviewing. That’s what came to mind when Who & The Fucks’ Porous started to play. What started out as this chaotic rampage, ended up being a more demure take on garage punk that plays with the trippy side of life.

Hamvalanche” came in like a crashing wave, knocking me off my feet with this superb fix of punk. The rapid movements throughout were gritty and I could only imagine the eruption when played live. Then “Artemia” came in and calmed things down. While the music picked up a bit, it never reached the point where we started. The same can be said of “Reuben’s Batteries,” but not so much of the short and sweet “Big Rugs.” Then by the end things got a little eccentric with both “Blubber” and “Strawberry.” Each came with their own flavor, but “Blubber” came through with more that garage feel that we kicked off with. Overall, this is a record for small clubs with thick walls of stickers from bands who’ve played there through the years, it’s punk rock with twists and turns that lead to a garage.

When I pressed play, I thought I was in store for an album full of excitement, instead things settled down fast and it turned into something with more depth to it. If you’re a fan of garage bands with a punk base, who aren’t afraid to take some chances, check out Who & The Fucks’ Porous, out now.

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