Crooked Eye Tommy: Butterflies & Snakes


It was a Friday night, the traffic from the 405 was buzzing with people trying to escape the valley and enter whatever mischief they could find in the depths of Hollywood and beyond. Me? I was cleaning up and listening to Crooked Eye Tommy’s Butterflies & Snakes as loud as I could without disturbing the neighbors. Growing up with a dad who believed B.B. King was the only thing one should listen to, blues was a part of my childhood so when this record started, I knew we’d be okay – but then I got some maternal surprises.

I Stole the Blues” was perfection when it came to that good old fashioned blues. It packed a punch with the delivery, but also with the story it told. As the album wore on “Love Divine” made me move a little more while doing my weekly chores, while “Over and Over” made me stop in my tracks. The mention of the tequila only mirrored what the song actually did; went down smooth. If I had to pick a best, that’d be it. That’s not to discredit the rest because I haven’t even gotten to the surprises. As I said, my dad was a blues man, but back in the ‘90s my mom was all about country and that is what I heard on “Southern Heart.” I was like, “I thought this was a blues album?” Despite the shake up in sound, I welcomed it with open arms and loved to hear a variety mix.

As the night continued on and my household to-do’s came to an end, so did my time with Crooked Eye Tommy. A great record if you like your blues served up with a side of country and an extra helping of heart. That’s the meal cooked up with Butterflies & Snakes, so grab a fork and dig in.

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